Why does music act as therapy?

When you are listening to some music that pleases you, have you ever found your moods suddenly lighten up? When you are listening to a peppy tune...

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Music knows no age or gender

. It is a universal language that knows not how to discriminate. To take music to every corner of the world, to make it available to anyone and everyone...

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Why Can Music Be The Best Therapy?

There are numerous places where music is suggested as a mode of therapy. It can work as medicine in places where conventional medicines can fail. Be it for stress relief or to help children with special needs, music is always known to have a special place. Get some immediate dose of music and let music help you relax.

Why does music act as therapy?

This is mainly because our brain responds in a lot of positive ways to good music.

Ways to put music as a medicine for you:

Now that you know music is therapy, how are you going to use it? There are several ways to use music as a medicine and in several situations:

  1. 1. To bond with the unborn:

    Music is suggested as one of the major ways for a pregnant mother to bond with her unborn child in her womb. There are deeply rooted connections between music and the growth of a baby in its mother’s womb. Classical music, in particular, is said to calm down the baby in the womb and also to help improve the brain growth and functions. It is found that babies, after their birth can even recognize music that they listened to often when they were in their mother’s womb. Classic music also helps the pregnant mother calm down and relax.

  2. 2. Relieve workplace stress:

    After a long day at work, spend few minutes listening to music to feel relaxed and rejuvenated. This would help you obtain relief from your workplace stress. This would make you calmer and more attentive to spend quality time with your family after you get back from office.

  3. 3. For children with special needs:

    Music can be used as a motivating tool and a tool to promote bonding with children with special needs. Playing music in the musical instruments and listening to music can help these children explore all their senses and this can be a rich experience that they would love. Even those kids who lack one or more of their senses, like children who can’t see, can listen to good music and appeal to their auditory senses. This can help cheer them up.

  4. 4. Learn an instrument:

    The benefits of music are not just with listening to music but also with playing a musical instrument. Playing a musical instrument can be such an engaging task that can help relieve stress. It is even said to improve brain functions and make one smarter. Learning to play a musical instrument is an art and it can give you a sense of accomplishment. This can, in turn, boost your confidence.

  5. 5. Music as a part of your wake-up routine:

    When you have a tailor made playlist that consists of positive songs to listen to in the morning, it can form an integral part of your wake-up routine. It can help freshen up your mood. It makes you feel energetic to grab the day enthusiastically. Positive lyrics and motivating songs can also develop a positive perspective for the day.

If you ever find yourself in a strenuous situation, an upsetting scenario, a distracting atmosphere, use music to your rescue in the right way. Have a playlist of songs with a positive note to listen to when you feel discouraged. Have a set of fun tunes to lift your mood when you are upset. A calming classical instrumental would help you wind down and sleep better at night. There are lots more ways you could use music as a medicine!